Khabib Post-Fight Brawl Was An Embarrassing Circus (And I Loved Every Second Of It)


Announcer Joe Rogan’s voice cracked oh the humanity-style while calling the post-fight melee at Saturday night’s UFC 229 main event between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, sounding almost like he was in tears. He later called the brawl a “black eye for the sport.” On some level, I understood how he felt.

I remember how it felt eight years ago, after “Mayhem” Miller stormed the cage following Jake Shields’ (impressive yet somewhat dull) victory over Dan Henderson, provoking Shields’ training partner Nate Diaz and the rest of the “skrap pack” into a similar chair-throwing post-fight brawl at Strikeforce Nashville. As a longtime MMA fan, I remember how embarrassed I was that my favorite sport had finally scratched and clawed its way into being nationally televised, live, on a real network (CBS), only to look like a bunch of WWE clowns once the mainstream sports world was finally, briefly paying attention to us.

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